Paid customers of BellCommander can run the BellCommander past the trial period and run BellCommander as a Windows service.

We offer several purchase methods, including an easy-to-use online order form, for purchasing BellCommander. BellCommander is priced depending on the type and size of the configuration. If BellCommander will be used for simply playing audio through the PC’s sound card, select the Sound Card Version. With the Sound Card Version, there are two options for with and without emergency notification. All other versions include emergency notification. For configurations which use network audio devices or client PCs, choose the network version matching the number of clients which will connect to the server. Each site should also have a license if clients will be installed across multiple sites. If more clients will be added later, the software can be upgraded for the difference in the price of the versions. We also offer large discounts on multiple license purchases which are detailed on our online order page.

With your purchase, you will receive an email detailing where to download the corresponding full version. You will also receive unlimited minor version upgrades (ex 1.0 -> 1.1) and free major version upgrades for 1 year with special discounts on future upgrades. In addition, you will receive the AcroVista Software newsletter and notifications of new products.

Existing customers may purchase upgrades at discounted rates. Contact us for upgrade prices.

For the BellCommander SIP/Multicast versions, there is a separate order page.

BellCommander Software – Sound Card Versions:
Play scheduled sounds, such as bells, to a sound card in the PC running BellCommander.

Sound Card VersionSound Card Version with Emergency NotificationMultiple Sound Card Version
Order FormOrder FormOrder Form

BellCommander Software – Network Versions:
Stream scheduled audio and pages to computer clients and Barix devices

Small Network VersionMedium Network VersionLarge Network Version
Up to 10 clients/Barix devicesUp to 50 clients/Barix devicesMore than 50 clients/Barix devices
Order FormOrder FormOrder Form

BellCommander Software – USB Relay Controller Sets
Includes USB relay controller, USB cable, and FedEx Ground Shipping within U.S..

VersionController with 4 RelaysController with 8 Relays
Order FormOrder Form


ProductPaging Station ClientWeb Manager
FeaturesSends live or pre-recorded audio from remote PCs through BellCommanderAllows BellCommander schedules and zones to be managed remotely with a web browser
Order FormOrder Form

BellCommander SIP/Multicast and Digital Acoustics Versions:
Please contact us for pricing on SIP/Multicast and Digital Acoustics versions of BellCommander.

Purchase Orders: Purchase Order Information
Please submit purchase orders directly to us following the instructions in the above link.

Online Orders:
Online orders are processed by NorthStar Solutions. Credit card charges will appear under the name of “NorthStar Solutions”.

Telephone Ordering Information:
You may also Contact Us if you have any questions or if you would like to order by phone.

Return Policy:
All BellCommander software products have a 30-day return policy. See our return policy.