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Welcome to AcroVista Software. We are a developer of innovative Internet and automation software products.  Our products are designed for and used by a wide range of users from home users and small businesses to corporate, government, and military users.  Our focus is on creating high-quality, easy-to-use applications and, as a result, our applications have received many awards and recognitions.

BellCommander School Bell System:

BellCommander School Bell System

BellCommander School Bell System: Our flagship product is used by over 2,500 schools, factories, stores, and businesses for scheduled audio, paging, and emergency notification applications. BellCommander is popular in K-12 schools, who use BellCommander for school bells and paging. BellCommander features a flexible scheduler, which supports unlimited day schedules and over 200 events per day schedule. BellCommander works in a variety of single and multiple zone configurations, including output through the PC's sound card, streaming audio to networked PCs and network audio devices, controlling bells using relays, and sending bells over an analog phone line.

Innovative System Utilities:

PageCommander UCM: Easy-to-use and affordable paging solution for the Cisco UCM platform. Page Cisco phones and IP speakers from Cisco or SIP phones.
AlarmWiz: Powerful and innovative reminder program and task scheduler which automates playing audio (mp3, wav, CD audio), dialing Internet connections, sending email and pages, performing FTP transfers, and more.
BellWiz: Innovative scheduling program designed for playing audio through public address systems at scheduled times.  Ideal for school bells, fire drills, factory shift changes, and more. 
RASMaster: Master your RAS (dialup or PPOE) connections. Includes a reconnection tool, IP notifier, keep-alive component, and a dialup scheduler.

FileInbox: File automation utility which monitors directories for incoming files and performs actions from user-based rules.

Cool Applications:

Baby Ace: Create on-line baby books to showcase your favorite memories of your children.