AlarmWiz is a powerful, yet easy-to-use,task scheduler which allows users to visually create macros.  The program includes a very flexible scheduler and includes the ability to create scripts to perform many tasks including connecting to the Internet, sending email, playing audio files, performing atomic clock synchronization, launching programs and more.  AlarmWiz is used by a wide variety of users including home users, businesses, governments, and even military users. A free full-featured trial version of AlarmWiz is available for download.

Feature List:

  • Flexible task scheduler (schedule alarms as hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, annually, weekly (by days of week), monthly (by day of month, or by day of week of month (ex. 2nd Monday of each month.) and more.
  • Create exclusions rules to exclude specified dates,weekdays, or time ranges for each alarm.
  • Establish RAS connection to dial-up, PPPoE (DSL), and other network connections.
  • Send email or pages using either a direct SMTP connection or a MAPI connection through Outlook or other email programs.
  • Script FTP uploads and downloads.  Includes reconnection ability to redial Internet connection if the
    connection is terminated during an FTP transfer.
  • Launch programs with command-line arguments.
  • NEW!!!! Move,copy, and delete files.  Includes option to embed date/time in new file names.
  • Web client mode which allows multiple clients to download a common configuration file hosted on a web server.
  • Optional network configuration to allow client systems to share a common alarm configuration file on a mapped directory.
  • Synchronize the system clock to the US National Atomic Clock through multiple servers.
  • Launch the default web browser to specified sites.
  • Launch default MP3 player to play MP3 audio files.
  • NEW!!! Logging feature which records the execution of alarms into a text file.
  • Play .wav files with optional looping.
  • Play CDs starting at a selected track or a random track.
  • Ability to flash alarm windows to make them more noticeable
  • Snooze alarms with a customizable delay
  • Simple setup with no external DLL files required.
  • Add custom delay to alarm scripts.
  • Online support options.
  • Illustrated help file.