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Introduction Section

If you do not have AlarmWiz, click here to download a copy: Download AlarmWiz

Creating A Windows Alarm Clock Wake Up:

With AlarmWiz, you can easily create a wake-up alarm or reminder by visually creating an alarm by following the steps below.  In this example, we will create an alarm which plays an audio file every weekday morning at 7:30 with snoozing enabled.


Click on the Add Alarm Button.



Set the music/sound file options:
Click on the Musical Alarm tab.
Click the button for "Play .wav File".
Find a .wav file to play by clicking on the Browse button.
Click the button for "Repeat Until Stopped" to have the file play continuously until the alarm is stopped.
Demo Window



Set the alarm activation times:
Click on the Alarm Time tab.
Choose the start date of the alarm by using the calendar.
Choose the start time of the alarm.
Click on the button for "Repeat Without an End Date" to have the alarm repeat indefinetely.
Demo Window



Set the repeat times:
Click on the Repeat tab
Click the radio button for Weekly repeats
Check the checkboxes for all weekdays (M-F)
Demo Window



Set the alarm name and enable snoozing:
Click on the Alarm Info tab
Enter "Morning Wakeup" as the name of the alarm
Enter a brief message to be displayed by the alarm
Check the Include Snooze Button checkbox
Click the OK button
Demo Window 

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