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Introduction Section

If you do not have AlarmWiz, click here to download a copy: Download AlarmWiz

Creating an FTP Script:

With AlarmWiz, you can quickly create a script to perform an FTP transfer.  In this example, we will create an alarm which uploads a file every morning at 2 AM.


Click on the Add Alarm Button.



Add a scripted event:
Select Scripted Alarm at the top of the Add Alarm window.
Click the Add Event button.



Set main FTP options:
Enter the FTP server name.
Enter the FTP server port. This should normally be 21.
Browse to find a local file to upload.
Enter the full path of where to upload the file to.
Enter the username and password for the FTP server.
Demo Window



Set the additional FTP options:
Select to upload the file.
If uploading a plain text file or HTML file, then select ASCII.
If uploading any other type of file (image, zip, .doc, .xls), then select Binary Transfer Mode.
Click the OK button.
Demo Window



Set the alarm activation times:
Click on the Alarm Time tab.
Choose the start date of the alarm by using the calendar.
Choose the start time of the alarm.
Click the button for "Repeat Without an End Date" to have the alarm repeat indefinetely.
By default the alarm will repeat daily, so no change is required for the repeat options.
Demo Window



Set the alarm name and keep alarm window minimized:
Click on the Alarm Info tab.
Enter "FTP Upload" as the name of the alarm.
Check the "Start alarm window minimized" checkbox to start the alarm window minimized on the alarm activation.
Check the "Close alarm window after alarm is completed" checkbox to automatically close the alarm window after the script is completed.
Click the OK button.
Demo Window

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