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 BellCommander School Bell Software


BellCommander Network Relay Controller

Remotely control and schedule school/factory bells, sounders, sirens, strobe lights, and more

Network Relay Controller System Diagram

Description:  BellCommander works with the Barix BarioNet to remotely control relays for bell systems, sirens, light devices, and more. Bell systems that connect to a mechanical or electronic device for scheduling via relays or contact closures can be replaced with the Barix BarioNet relay controller and the BellCommander network software.

Each BarioNet device contains two relays that can be activated over a network by BellCommander. BellCommander supports multiple BarioNet devices, so relays can be activated in multiple buildings using a single copy of BellCommander.

Barix network audio devices and client PCs can also be added to this configuration. So, audio can be streamed to a Barix Exstreamer and a Barix BarioNet could trigger a relay for a strobe light to provide both audio and visual notifications.

The relays are capable of 5.0 Amps at up to 240VAC.

Pricing: (Order Now)
Pricing depends on the total number of network devices. A BellCommander network license should be purchased along with the Barix BarioNet devices. For a single BarioNet without any network audio devices or client PCs, the cost is:
BellCommander Small Network Software ($299.95) + Barix BarioNet ($295.00) = $594.95
Free ground shipping to continental U.S. included in price
For more information, contact us.

Pentium 1.4 Ghz or higher processor
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Server 2003, Server 2008, or Server 2012

If you need help determining if your system is compatible, please contact us.


Client PC Configuration Client PCs distribute audio across an organization
Network Audio Configuration Network devices distribute audio across an organization
Combination Network Audio Both network devices and client PCs distribute audio
BellCommander USB Relay Controller Control school bells, factory bells, factory horns with relays/contact closures
BellCommander Network Relay Controller Control school bells, factory bells, factory horns with relays/contact closures remotely over a network
Phone Paging Configuration Send automated phone pages for school bells, factory bells, factory horns, and more
Single Zone PA System Sound card output is sent to PA system for bells/announcements
Local Speakers Sound card output plays to local speakers
Multi-Classroom Multiple installations
Single Zone Remote Audio Audio is transmitted from the sound card wirelessly to a remote receiver

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