BellCommander is a flexible system that supports several different configurations for school bells, paging, and emergency notification:

Sound Card Configurations:
The sound card configurations are the simplest configurations and play audio through a sound card on the PC running BellCommander. The output of the sound card can be connected to computer speakers, an amplifier, or to a PA system.
Local Speakers – Sound card output is played to computer speakers
Single Zone PA System – Sound card output is played to PA system for bells/announcements
Multi-Classroom – Multiple installations in separate classrooms

Network Audio Configurations:
In the network audio configurations of BellCommander, BellCommander sends audio over a standard network to other PCs and network audio devices. The network audio configurations support multiple zones, so bell schedules and pages can be targeted to individual classrooms or zones. The network configurations are centrally managed and controlled ensuring synchronization between PCs and network audio devices.
Example Network Audio Configurations:
Client PC Configuration – Client PCs distribute audio across on organization
Network Audio Configuration – Network audio players distribute audio across an organization
Combination Network Audio Configuration – Both PCs and network audio devices distribute audio

Relay Configurations:
The relay configurations allow BellCommander to control relays to control bell circuits and contact closures. The relay configurations are typically used to control school bells or intercoms that were previously controlled using electrical or mechanical timers. The relay configurations are also commonly used to short contacts on existing PA/intercom systems to trigger built-in tones or bells.
Example Relay Configurations:
USB Relay Controller – Uses a USB relay controller device to trigger relays
Network Relay Controller – Uses network relay controller devices to trigger relays remotely over a network

Analog Phone Configuration:
The analog phone configuration uses a telephony device to dial paging codes and send audio over a phone line to an analog phone paging system or analog port on a digital phone system.
Phone Paging Configuration

SIP Phone Configuration
The SIP Phone Configuration allows BellCommander to interface over a network connection to phone systems which support SIP/2.0 compliant endpoints. Supported phone systems include 3CX, Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, 3Com, Adtran, Panasonic, and Cisco.
SIP and Multicast Configuration for IP Phone Systems

Digital Acoustics Configuration
The Digital Acoustics Configuration allows BellCommander to interface with Digital Acoustics IP intercoms, speakers, and network audio devices to provide a complete intercom, bell, and emergency notification system
Digital Acoustics Configuration