Guide Paging Station

Paging Station

The paging station allows pages to be sent from other PCs on the network in addition to sending pages from the BellCommander PC.  The paging station client is a seperate application that can be licensed per seat starting at $100 for the first client, with discounts for multiple licenses.  The paging station client communicates with the BellCommander software to receive the list of zones and allows the operator to send a pre-recorded audio file or a live page to the selected zone(s).

To enable the paging station, select the Paging Station from the top drop-down list in the Device Manager and check the “Enable Paging Station Support” checkbox.  Typically, the Listening Port, which provides the zone lists to the paging station clients, and the realtime audio port, which allows live audio to be streamed to BellCommander, should remain with the listed ports.  If a firewall is present, TCP communication to port 17345 and UDP communication to port 17346 on the BellCommander PC should be enabled.