IP Clock and Digital Message Board Interface

BellCommander works with devices from AND (Advanced Networks Devices) to provide both audible and visual notification on a scheduled basis and on demand for emergency notification. BellCommander with AND devices provides a comprehensive emergency notification system, since it incorporates both audible and visual emergency notification.

  • Notify students for class changes or employees for shift changes
  • Use both audio and text to better serve people with disabilities
  • Audio and text can be targetted to individual or groups of displays
  • Use BellCommander Web Manager to schedule text and audio to AND devices remotely
  • Devices include IP clock that can be synchronized with BellCommander
  • Multi-color display and Hi-Brite indicators for emergency notification
  • Send live audio pages from a PC microphone or phone system using analog or SIP interface
  • Combine AND devices with PC clients and network relay control for a comprehensive system


Emergency Notification Demo:

For more information on the BellCommander system with Advanced Network Devices, please contact us.