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The BellCommander Paging Station client allows pages to be sent from other PCs on the network through BellCommander to specified zones with PC clients and Barix Exstreamer or Annuncicom devices. The Paging Station retrieves the list of zones from BellCommander and allows the user to choose one or more zones to send audio to. The user can either send live audio from a microphone or send pre-recorded MP3 files.

We offer a 30-day trial of the BellCommander Paging Station. The trial includes all features, except it is time-limited and only a single trial paging station client can be used. The main BellCommander application (trial or network version) should be installed and running first with the Paging Station enabled in the Device Manager. To download the Paging Station (1.9 MB), click here.

System Requirements:
Paging Station PC:

Pentium 1GHz or higher processor
256 MB RAM
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Network connection

BellCommander PC:
Since the BellCommander PC/server processes live audio for paging, the PC should be higher-end (2.4 Ghz, 512 MB RAM) with minimal applications running on it.

To order the BellCommander Paging Station, see the order page.

License price depends on the quantity ordered. See the table below to determine cost. For example, for 5 Paging Station licenses the cost is $300 (5 licenses * $60.00 = $300.00).

Quantity Unit Price
1 100.00 USD
2 90.00 USD
3 80.00 USD
4 70.00 USD
5 - 9 60.00 USD
10 - 19 50.00 USD
20 - 49 40.00 USD
50 - 99 30.00 USD
100 and above 20.00 USD

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