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Partners/Investment Opportunities

AcroVista is always looking for additional partners for BellCommander. We are looking for partners in the following key areas:

System Integrators - We welcome system integrators that can provide on-site installation and consulting services for mutual customers. We offer a dealer program where dealers can purchase at discounted prices.

IP PBX/SIP Providers - BellCommander is quickly expanding support for SIP compliant PBXs, including 3CX, Trixbox/Asterisk, 3Com VCX, Cisco CME, ShoreTel, Mitel, and Adtran and we welcome additional IP PBX providers whether providing hosted or local SIP PBXs.

End Point Providers - BellCommander currently works directly with endpoints from Barix, CyberData, Digital Acoustics, Valcom, Advanced Network Devices, and emClock. New vendors are welcome to contact us for supporting additional devices.

Integrated Solutions - We can provide access to BellCommander functions as a SDK and patent licensing (8,151,006, 8,615,608) for companies wishing to offer fully integrated solutions combining bell, PBX, classroom control, and other functions.

Please contact us at for a prompt response.

AcroVista is a self-funded startup based in Austin, TX. AcroVista is a small, but profitable business, which is seeking larger partners and possible larger investment opportunities in the school bell/intercom market. AcroVista's founder owns and licenses patents 8,151,006 and 8,615,608. AcroVista's customer base includes several hundred schools, manufacturers, hospitals, and other organizations. Please email for a prompt response.