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Screen Shots

The screens below comprise the main functions of BellCommander.
Screen shots are also available for the optional BellCommander Web Manager.

Device Manager:
The Device Manager is used to select the sound devices which BellCommander will relay audio to. BellCommander works with both standard sound cards as well as network audio devices from Barix (

Zone Manager:

The Zone Manager is used in multi-zone systems to create zones comprised of one or more network audio devices. BellCommander's intercom and scheduling functions will send audio to all devices in the selected zone when requested.
Sound Sequences:
The Sound Sequences window is used to create playlists of sounds which commonly occur in the same sequence. For schools, this function can be used to create a standard sequence of bells for a class dismissal, warning bell, and tardy bell.
Day Scheduler:
The Day Scheduler window is used to create day schedules which can later be applied to the calendar. Day schedules include all the bells which should occur on the day's schedule. The day scheduler is perfect for defining multiple schedules for standard school schedules, assembly schedules, early dismissals, and more.
Calendar Scheduler:
The Calendar Scheduler allows day schedules to be easily and visually set for dates on a calendar. The Calendar scheduler features support for traditional and block scheduling and allows a default schedule to be set for each day of the week. Exceptions can be made to the default schedule for assemblies, early dismissals, and holidays.
The Intercom window is used to broadcast messages to selected zones like a traditional intercom system. BellCommander can send live audio from a microphone to Barix devices and PC clients. Pre-recorded audio can also be sent to Barix devices, PC Clients, and CD3O devices. BellCommander performs high quality MP3 compression to deliver crisp, clean audio with less bandwidth.