BellCommander Ordering Information

Paid customers of BellCommander can run the BellCommander past the trial period and run BellCommander as a Windows service.

We offer several purchase methods, including an easy-to-use online order form, for purchasing BellCommander. BellCommander is priced depending on the type and size of the configuration. If BellCommander will be used for simply playing audio through the PC’s sound card, select the Sound Card Version. With the Sound Card Version, there are two options for with and without emergency notification. All other versions include emergency notification. For configurations which use network audio devices or client PCs, choose the network version matching the number of clients which will connect to the server. Each site should also have a license if clients will be installed across multiple sites. If more clients will be added later, the software can be upgraded for the difference in the price of the versions. We also offer large discounts on multiple license purchases which are detailed on our online order page.

With your purchase, you will receive an email detailing where to download the corresponding full version. You will also receive minor version upgrades (ex 1.0 -> 1.1) and free major version upgrades for 1 year with special discounts on future upgrades.  After one year, upgrades and priority support can be renewed with maintenance or the licensed version can be used with email support at no additional cost.

Existing customers may also purchase upgrades at discounted rates. Contact us for upgrade prices.

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BellCommander Sound Card Editions – Output audio from the computer running BellCommander to external amplifiers/speakers

BellCommander Sound Card Version License

Output audio through a single audio output for scheduled bells/audio only

BellCommander Sound Card Version with Emergency Notification License

Output audio through a single audio output for scheduled bells/audio and on-demand notifications

BellCommander Multiple Sound Card Version

Output audio through multiple sound card outputs for scheduled bells/audio and on-demand notifications

BellCommander Network Editions – Send audio over a network to Windows PCs or Macs running the BellCommander client and audio and commands to Barix network devices:

BellCommander Small Network Version License

For up to a total of 10 PC/Mac clients and Barix network devices

BellCommander Medium Network Version License

For up to a total of 50 PC/Mac clients and Barix network devices

BellCommander Large Network Version License

For more than 50 PC/Mac clients and Barix network devices (250 max recommended)

BellCommander Paging Station License

send live or pre-recorded messages and launch notifications from Windows PCs running the Paging Station client.  Licensed per client.  Live paging only client PCs and Barix network audio devices, but […]

BellCommander Web Manager License

provides a local web-based interface to view and edit schedules and launch and stop notifications from other computers

Barix Network Devices – Barix network audio and relay devices integrate with the BellCommander network version licenses. We only ship Barix devices to U.S. and Canadian addresses The prices below include ground shipping within the United States. For shipping to Canada or to upgrade U.S. shipping, please contact us for shipping costs. For dealers outside the U.S., contact us or Barix for regional supplier information. We also can ship most other Barix models and we can provide quotes for other models.

Barix Exstreamer Network Audio Devices:

Barix Exstreamer 100

audio decoder with line-level RCA output to connect to an external amplifier or speaker

Barix Exstreamer 205

audio decoder with built-in 2×25 watt amplifier

Barix BarioNet Network Relay Devices:

Power Supply for BarioNet 50 or 100

Barix BarioNet devices don’t ship from the manufacturer with a power supply, but AcroVista can ship a U.S. power supply that will work with either device.

Barix BarioNet 50

network relay module with 4 low voltage rated relays (.5 amp; 30 VDC) and 4 contact closure inputs

Barix BarioNet 100

network relay module with 2 line-level rated relays (5 amps; 240 VAC) and 4 contact closure inputs

BellCommander SIP/Multicast Editions – Send audio through VoIP speakers and phones by making SIP calls or by sending multicast.  SIP licenses contain multiple components with the number of zones (total number of SIP Destinations (extensions or paging groups) and multicast groups, the number of phones allowed to call into launch notifications, and the whether the Web Manager is bundled.

Contact us or an authorized partner for pricing.

BellCommander Digital Acoustics Editions – Send audio through Digital Acoustics IP7 and other intercom devices.

Contact us or an authorized partner for pricing.

BellCommander Custom Product

For any items quoted by AcroVista, this product can be used with pricing entered below.

$ (min $1.00)

AcroVista Background Music Service

The AcroVista Background Music Service streams live g.711 or g.722 audio from a sound input to IP speakers and phones that support multicast streams.


Simple audio scheduler for basic bell applications with sound card audio output only and the application only runs while a user is logged into Windows

BellCommander SIP/Multicast and Digital Acoustics Versions:
Please contact us for pricing on SIP/Multicast and Digital Acoustics versions of BellCommander.

Purchase Orders: Purchase Order Information
Please submit purchase orders directly to us following the instructions in the above link.

Online Orders:
Online orders are processed through Stripe or PayPal. Credit card charges will appear under the name of AcroVista, LLC and denoted by the payment gateway chosen. Tax exempt organizations in Texas, please contact us and provide Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate to not have sales tax charged.

Telephone Ordering Information:
You may also Contact Us if you have any questions or if you would like to order by phone.

Return Policy:
All BellCommander software products have a 30-day return policy. See our return policy.

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