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Purchase Price - $39.95 (with generous volume discounts)
Purchasing BellWiz is easy and affordable at only $39.95.  With your purchase, you will receive access to all program functions and you will receive unlimited minor version upgrades (ex 1.0 -> 1.1) and free major version upgrades for 1 year with special discounts on future upgrades. In addition, you will receive the AcroVista Software newsletter and notifications of new products. 
After ordering BellWiz, you will automatically receive a link to download the full version of BellWiz once your order is approved (usually within a few minutes).

AcroVista has partnered with NorthStar Solutions to process payments for BellWiz. 

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We can also accept a payment via PayPal for $39.95 to

Return Policy:
All BellCommander software products have a 30-day return policy. See our return policy.

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