BellCommander District Web Manager

The new BellCommander Web Manager interface allows school districts to manage multiple schools from an easy-to-use web interface with separate users, schedules, and notifications for each campus. Please contact us for more information and for a demo and quote.

Admin Area:

The administrator area of the Web Manager allows system administrators to configure district-wide settings and to add sites and users. User accounts can be given permissions to specific sites with different permission levels. For example, a district tech could be given full access to all sites, while a principal could be given scheduling/notification access for his or her school only. The Web Manager can either run in its own easy-to-use web server or under IIS for more advanced web server features, including Active Directory integration and HTTPS binding.

User Area:

The user area of the Web Manager manages settings, schedules, and notifications for each site. When a user logs in, the user will see the site(s) that they have been granted access to in the Site drop-down. The user can then select a site from the drop-down and configure the site. The scheduling for each site works very similarly to previous BellCommander versions with day schedules that can now be added for each site separately and each site can have a different calendar configured in the Web Manager. Users with permissions can also activate notifications via the user area.