New Software Replaces School Bell Systems With MP3 Sounds and Music

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2004

Austin, TX – February 2, 2004 – AcroVista, an independent developer of innovative software, announces the release of BellCommander. BellCommander is a patent-pending Windows application which provides a low-cost and powerful replacement to traditional school bell and automated intercom systems, such as factory shift change horns and store-front intercoms. BellCommander features an extremely powerful and specialized audio scheduler which supports traditional and block scheduling, assembly schedules, holidays, early dismissals, and more. Traditional school bell rings can be a thing of the past, since many sounds, including more pleasant tones and chimes, are provided with BellCommander and any WAV or MP3 can be played. In addition to its powerful features, BellCommander’s use of standardized technologies can save thousands of dollars in equipment, installation, and maintenance costs of a traditional intercom/bell system.

BellCommander features an innovative patent-pending design which uses network audio devices to send different audio to different locations like “zones” in a traditional intercom system. The solution is perfect for schools which have different buildings or areas on different schedules or for stores which need to play different audio to different portions of the store. The network audio devices, made by San Diego based CD3O, connect via standard network connections, so no special wiring is needed from the PCs to the network audio devices. Since existing wiring and network infrastructure can be utilized, maintenance and installation costs are a fraction of a traditional intercom system.

In addition to the network audio design, BellCommander also supports playing audio through a standard sound card to a public address system or local speakers. The solution is a popular replacement for mechanical bells and over 100 clients use AcroVista’s custom technology in this area. For a full list and description of configurations, visit

BellCommander is priced in three versions ranging from $49.95 to $299.95 based on the size and complexity of the system. A free trial can be downloaded at the AcroVista website at AcroVista is a recognized software developer with programs featured on TechTV and numerous publications. AcroVista is the developer of AlarmWiz, an innovative Windows alarm clock and task scheduling application and GovernMail, a political contact utility.