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Master your RAS (dial-up and PPOE) connections with RASMaster.

RASMaster is an easy-to-use RAS manager with a built-in reconnection utility, IP notifier, keep-alive utility, and a dial-up scheduler.

Feature List:

Easy to use reconnection utility.  Automatically re-establish an Internet connection if your ISP drops your connection.
Full featured IP Notifier.  Be notified via email, web page upload, or by program launch if your IP changes.  Easily upload web pages with you current IP for FTP hosting, webcams, and more.
email IP notifications may be sent using either a direct SMTP connection or through a MAPI connection using Outlook or other email programs.
Internet activity simulator which simulates Internet activity to keep your ISP from disconnecting you.  Features both a simple ping for light network activity or background website retrieval to simulate heavier Internet use.
Dial-Up scheduler which allows a daily connection time to be setup.
Simple setup with no external DLL files required.
Online support options.
Illustrated help file.

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