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Innovative System Utilities

AcroVista Software has developed five innovative system utilities which aid users in a wide variety of tasks.  Click on the links below to learn more about each application.

Innovative System Utilities:
AlarmWiz: Powerful and innovative reminder program and task scheduler which automates playing audio (mp3, wav, CD audio), dialing Internet connections, sending email and pages, performing FTP transfers, and more.
BellCommander: Our most advanced audio scheduling program. Provides a low-cost and powerful replacement and/or enhancement for automated intercom systems such as schools bells, store intercoms, factory shift change horns, and more. Features a unique configuration which sends different audio to different locations like "zones" on a traditional intercom system.
PageCommander UCM: Easy-to-use and affordable paging solution for the Cisco UCM platform. Page Cisco phones and IP speakers from Cisco or SIP phones.
BellWiz: Innovative scheduling program designed for playing audio through public address systems at scheduled times.  Ideal for school bells, fire drills, factory shift changes, and more. 
  RASMaster: Master your RAS (dialup or PPOE) connections. Includes a reconnection tool, IP notifier, keep-alive component, and a dialup scheduler.

FileInbox: File automation utility which monitors directories for incoming files and performs actions from user-based rules.

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