BellCommander Barix Device Integration

BellCommander is an innovative multi-zone audio scheduling and paging application that easily integrates with Barix Exstreamer, Annuncicom, and BarioNet devices. devices. BellCommander is perfect for school bells, factory bells, store announcements, medical applications, and more. BellCommander has been licensed by several hundred organizations, including Bell Helicopter, which uses BellCommander to stream scheduled audio for factory work break notifications to 53 Exstreamer 100s across multiple buildings and facilities in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

A typical setup with Barix devices is illustrated below:

In this setup, the BellCommander Server would send audio at scheduled times to Barix Exstreamers and Annuncicoms, and optionally to PC clients. The Paging Station would allow a remote user to select a zone from BellCommander and send a live or pre-recorded page through the BellCommander server to all Barix devices and client PCs in the zone. As an extra bonus, the PC clients can also receive audio from Annuncicoms.

We offer a 30-day trial of BellCommander and the corresponding BellCommander Paging Station software. We also offer an online demo of the multi-zone capabilities of BellCommander.

BellCommander is priced very affordably for a multi-zone paging system. BellCommander is priced at only $299.95 for up to 10 Barix stations and PC clients, $499.95 for up to 50 clients, or $699.95 for more than 50 clients at a single site. The BellCommander Paging Station is also affordably priced.

We offer a dealer program where system integrators and local dealers can purchase BellCommander licenses for resell at a discount. Contact us if you are interested in this program.