Purchase Price – $24.95 (with generous volume discounts)

Purchasing the full version of AlarmWiz is easy and affordable at only $24.95.  With your purchase, you will receive access to all program functions and you will receive unlimited minor version upgrades (ex 2.0 -> 2.1) and free major version upgrades for 1 year with special discounts on future upgrades. In addition, you will receive the AcroVista Software newsletter and notifications of new products.

The full version of AlarmWiz also includes access to these new time-saving functions:

Alarm Duplication – With a simple right click, create a new alarm based off an existing alarm.  The new alarm will receive all of the actions from the original alarm plus the alarm script for scripted alarms.


Global Exceptions – Define exceptions to exclude specified dates or time ranges when no alarms should activate.  This function is particularly useful for holidays or any times alarms should not activate.


After ordering AlarmWiz, you will automatically receive a link to download the full version of AlarmWiz once your order is approved (usually within a few minutes).

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